Im wearing the Producer hat this week Blog Week #6

Phew, I just managed to get this one in on time!

Balancing content creation with two full-time jobs is no small feat, but I did it for you, my valued reader! You want content i hear you say…. well I’ve been creating and producing for ages, even since my school days. My first major contract came when I was just 22. I served as the illusion consultant and magical adviser for VIKING Line in Finland, (The show poster is my main image today) collaborating on a show called “The Fantasy Cabaret.” I Loved the show poster it was real class. The show ran for 2 years on board, and my good friend Craig Christian ( and I were the opening magic acts involved. Craig and Liz Rock Blackpool Pleasure Beach over the summer go watch them. 
This week, I’ve been drafting plans for new illusions at Scare City Camelot. Stay tuned for more details in future blogs!

Showbiz Tip of the Week #5 “Never Ever Let A Client Down! The customer is always right as they say and you cant afford ever to let someone who wants to see your show down… Ps mistakes do happen pick yourself up and learn from those

…as I said last week check out all types of artists well here’s one you need to know about. Check out British artist REN! I’ve been a huge fan for years, and his work is absolutely epic. Just Google his name and you’ll see what I mean. For a bit of fun, here’s the video I just watched that inspired me to share this recommendation with you.

Since we’re talking about production this week, Cirque du Soleil deserves a special mention. They have revolutionized live performance with their high-octane circus shows. One show that truly stands out is “Saltimbanco.” After “Love” for The Beatles, I don’t think there’s been another show as impactful. Im also sharing this legthy video becuase “Saltimbanco” really solidified my DEEP love for Circus.

When I was 22, I found myself producing for a major Finnish shipping company. The most interesting thing that happened on this vessel was meeting my friend, DJ JS16. Picture this: it’s the late 1990s. Spice Girls‘ power is at its peak, and Fatboy Slim has just made his mark. Then, a track drops that changes the world forever. While Darude became the face of the song, the real writer was a close friend of my boss and Cruise Director, Mase. JS16, a renowned Finnish producer, comes from a family of Philharmonic musicians. The story goes that he was a child prodigy who locked himself in a hotel room for seven days to create what would become a globe changing piece of Music! …we partied and the sushi was amazing!

Book of the week – if you are an illusion builder, designer or thinker… then The Jarret is the ONE! re written by Jim Steinmeyer… More on jim in the future

This week’s video: Probably one of the best jugglers the planet has ever seen. Enjoy Mr Wally Eastwood

May God Bless your day. Feel free to drop a comment or reach out; I welcome your thoughts and interactions.

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  1. Lynne Marie

    This is absolute GOLD 🌟
    A fab read / viewing for my very “rock and roll” Friday evening 😁 x x

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