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Theatre Magician

With a background of work with The National Theatre, Young Vic, Cromer Pier, as well as collaborations with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Mike’s talent has been recognised and celebrated industrywide.

You too can step into a world of enchantment with Mike Stuart; illusionist and much sought-after consultant for high-end theatres. 

Using his mesmerizing blend of stage dancing and illusion, Mike delivers breathtaking performances that leave audiences spellbound.  From seamless transformations to gravity-defying feats, his dynamic stage presence captivates theatregoers, transporting them to a realm where the impossible becomes reality. 

Mike regularly offers his expertise as a consultant, working closely with theatre makers to create bespoke illusions that hugely enhance the storytelling and theatrical experience. His meticulous attention to detail and creative vision ensures that every moment on stage is infused with a touch of magic. 

Elevate your production by incorporating Mike Stuart’s extraordinary talents into your show.  Contact him today.

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