NEWS FLASH!!! The Rabbit is finally out of the hat…

BOOM! Blog Week #4 – “We are smashing this thing called life!” Here on my blog, I’ll share and entertain you with stories from my past and glimpses into my future


The Rabbit is finally out of the hat
Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come to introduce you to someone exceptional. Please say Hi to the beautiful and extremely talented Sallie Newton. We have joined forces to create a brand-new illusion show called “Illusia” 

Social Media – @illusia_magic

There’s a photo of Sallie breathing fire!

We’re planning to go on tour in 2025, but here’s a quick introduction. Sallie and I have both been fixtures on the corporate cabaret scene for many years, each carving out our paths. Sallie is an expert acrobat, fire-breather, and stilt-walking daredevil. We’ve often talked about collaborating, and after months of hard work, we’ve finally launched our act.

Illusia – This is our new Promo teaser video

Showbiz Tip #3  You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. – Charlie Chaplin 

Some people may not have heard of the late great Charlie Chaplin. Let me just say this!…. (This!) lol… the world would be a very different place right now without him. Please Google his work… but here’s a classic of his to start the weekend! 

My first encounter with magic and conjuring was when I was 12 years old. Experiencing it for the first time as a kid blew my mind, and I was instantly hooked. I saw magic performed live three times before I began studying the subject in depth.
The first time was a mesmerizing performance by a talented Indian magician named Salem in Rusholme, Manchester, an area known as the Curry Mile. The second time was when my brother Tony performed a card trick using a Svengali deck he had bought from Hamleys in London. The third and most impactful experience for my whole family was during our first visit to the USA, where we saw Shiloh Alstread perform. He was an incredible talent and a member of the prestigious Magic Castle at the time.
Each of these experiences left me in awe and set me on a lifelong journey into the world of magic. The image below is of the Magic Castle Holywood.

Move on to the age of 16 here’s my first ever professional business card designed by my extremely gifted brother my first pro photo and a real treasure that I keep close to my heart, my British Magical Champion certificate.

This week’s video and book feature are combined, and I am truly honoured to spotlight a remarkable gentleman. I had the privilege of spending time in his living room, discussing his incredible journey and significant contributions to the art of conjuring. He is a British legend—please welcome the best of the best,
Mr. Mark Raffles, a pickpocket genius and entertainer, a true gent and my friend. 

I am honoured to own a signed copy, number 475, of his beautifully written and produced book on entertainment, conjuring, and pickpocketing secrets. If you are lucky enough to have a copy, please drop me a line -I would love to hear from you.

May God Bless your day.

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  1. Veronica Yorke

    Brilliant Mike.Glad to see your back on form again, hopefully you will do a Home Show and we will come and support you, mark Raffles was one of the best magicans and pickpockets id seen on tv.,you could do with putting a programme together you sell at your tours so people get ti know you.Craft Print in Longworth rd are Good.

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