Welcome to Post #2: From Family Roots to Showbiz Heights – let us go right back to the beginning shall we?

Mike Stuarts 2nd blog post

Welcome you “gorgeous” people to blog #2, where I’ll share stories and insights that resonate with audiences of all ages. My goal is to entertain you with a little wisdom and wonder I’ve gained as an entertainer and conjurer/ illusionist, and perhaps, to spark the imagination of the next generation of performers.

Showbiz Tip #1: “It’s not what you do, but the way you do it!”

This age-old wisdom is invaluable for anyone entering the entertainment world. Take a cue from the great performers—they have a knack for making the difficult look effortless. Like Gene Kelly, Michael Jackson, Paul Daniels, and Tommy Cooper.  That’s the real secret!

How did it all begin? In a nutshell (cue the Austin Powers joke), I was the youngest of four boys, born into a Christian family. My earliest memories involve my brothers playing with me as their new toy, and my best friend and I entertaining everyone at school and church events like a cheeky pair of eccentric clowns.

 These early experiences instilled in me a love for performing and making people laugh, a passion that only grew stronger with time. My family heavily influenced my journey into showbiz. My granddad was an organist who played the Wurlitzers, filling grand theatres with majestic music. My dad is a drummer whose beats were the soundtrack of my childhood. He was the drummer in the last band to headline the world-famous Mathew St Festival in Liverpool. My three older brothers’ constant antics and support helped build the resilience and determination needed for this exciting path. With such a vibrant and musical background, it was almost inevitable that I would find my way into the entertainment world.

From those first impromptu performances at family gatherings to the larger stages of school and church events, my path was clear. I was destined to entertain, to bring joy, laughter, and perhaps a touch of magic into people’s lives. My parents frequently took me to the theatre, a passion that endures to this day.

I love all types of live entertainment and have decided to document this passion wherever possible through a few reviews. These are just my thoughts.

This is my inaugural review!

Expect nothing less than complete honesty as I share my insights and occasional constructive critiques—a journey I find indispensable for growth. I owe a debt of gratitude to Martin Scot Price, his mother Mary, and especially her partner Norman for imparting this invaluable lesson during my early days in the realm of conjuring. Mary used to run a showbiz Hotel in Blackpool that was frequented by all the stars, and Martin, her award-winning illusionist son, was a key influence.

Review: Grease at The Empire Theatre, 31.05.24
The ensemble dance numbers, the very essence of Grease, were truly AMAZING! The high energy and stunning choreography made it a fun show. Although there were no standout stars, the set design and costumes were fantastic. The car was lit with simple LED moving lights, which felt at times magical. The acting felt slightly unrefined, but that’s often a challenge in musical theatre. Overall, I give it three stars. Go watch it!”

Siegfried and Roy – The Greatest illusionist of all time!

Check out this video featuring two legendary illusionists just before they famously went to Vegas in the 60s.

At 14, I was lucky enough to see their Mirage show in Las Vegas, and I still treasure the show running order I noted down.

One of my prized possessions is a signed photo of them. Watch them below perform live at the Lido in Paris in 1968.

Pay close attention… There will never be another S&R, they were truly Unbelievable! 

Siegfired & Roy Signed picture to Mike

To wrap up this week’s post, I was honoured to work backstage and perform magic with Boyzlife and Phats and Small. They were all phenomenal and the thousands in the crowd loved them. The close-up magic blew everyone away! A few Nahh… stop it, that cant happen moments were shared!

Boyzloife & Phats & Small

My book recommendation of the week:

Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic. It’s the best resource for anyone beginning their journey in conjuring!

May God Bless your day. Feel free to drop a comment or reach out; I welcome your thoughts and interactions.

Mark Wilsons Complete course

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